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Embrace the 914! - 2007/08/07 19:58 This thread discusses the Content article: Embrace the 914!

To me Robotics education is very important, especially in todays world where there are increasingly fewer and fewer people interested in science and engineering. Looking at the picaxe websites it seems that robotics is the one area where youngsters can have fun building stuff whilst at the same time learning a complex and cross-disciplinary subject.

My experience is that however skeptical people are, Robotics is one of those things that instantly captures thier imagination and provokes thought, especially when people see live demos.

A while back I did robotics degree and the main emphasis of the course was on the mathematics used to describe the kinematics, positioning and spatial awarness for industrial robots. The maths content was quite heavy but we stayed focussed because after doing all the calculations and that we were allowed to program the robots with the solutions we had come up with and see them working in real life.

We did a module of mobile robotics at one stage but it was all theoretical because apart from the University of Plymouth robot football team (which wasnt available to us) we had no robots to test principles with. Honestly I wonder how many people would have stayed on to do PHds if we'd had 914s available to us?
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