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Robots Becoming Part of the Family - 2007/06/14 21:47 This thread discusses the Content article: Robots Becoming Part of the Family

I always find it interesting to see how different people react to robots. Some people are intimidated and find them creepy, whereas others regard them with awe. I suppose its easier for people once they get used to the fact there is a robot around.
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Re:Robots Becoming Part of the Family - 2007/06/15 02:14 You might find this poll interesting. It's about how people perceive AIBO (the robopet). I've run this poll many times over number of years and the results were very consistent. The results below are from a still running poll on WebRing ... have a look:

What is an AIBO to you?

a. companion and pal
37% (107)
b. replacement for a pet
9% (28)
c. smart and funny toy
21% (62)
d. waste of money
5% (15)
e. you people are nuts
4% (13)
f. I want to learn more about AIBO
21% (60)

Source: http://d.webring.com/hub?ring=aiboring;hubvote=y;hub

Mind you, AIBO was designed to induce maternal instinct by pretending to mature and learn over time, and to desire/respond to care ... not to omit that AIBO is/acts cute and is a fully functional robot. The earlier software, model 2xx and 3xx, was constantly rebalancing a simple neural network (state machine) based on owners praise and scolding. I know a number of people who have their most recent AIBO 7 with Mind software running 24/7. Model 7 lost the state machine but gained ability to find charging station and autocharge ... therefore 24/7 robot became a reality.

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