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914 API Source Code Release
Friday, 20 March 2009

You may remember that C6Jones720 previously released his 914 API along with some example programs and documentation.

Now C6Jones720 has gone a step further by kindly releasing the full source code for the API.

This release is important as it will allow anyone to make changes to the API in order that third party 914 software can be specifically tuned to suit a specific purpose. It will also assist anyone in finding out how to write software that can directly communicate with the 914's M3 controller. If you wish to compile it, you will need C++ from Visual Studio 6 or later.

A big thanks to C6Jones720 for this release - I'm sure that many people will find this extremely useful.

Here's the download for the source: c6jones720-API-SOURCE-7.35.zip

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