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914 API Release
Sunday, 16 November 2008

Inspired by this recent thread in the forums, C6Jones720 has decided to release his 914 API and some open source programs, tutorials, and documentation.

This is the same API that the recently released MRDS services are based on. This is a key piece of software because it will allow anyone to program the 914's M3 controller with pretty much any Windows programming language. Full API documentation is provided along with some beginners tutorials and example programs which will make the 914 do SLAM / auto map building, and navigation using only it's IR sensors.

You can get the download here: c6jones720-API-11.08.zip

C6Jones720 mentions that there are several different versions of the API in use with the sample programs, so the .dll in the folder with each program should stay with it to prevent unexpected results.

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