Microsoft ReMix UK 08
Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Paul Foster has given a presentation at Microsoft's ReMix UK 08. In it he discusses Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio and talks about his very own 914 PC Bot called A1-DW.  The entire MRDS presentation is an hour long, and there are also many other presentation videos available for viewing, however, if you just want to see the PC Bot then you'll need to do the following:

-Go to the ReMix08 Agenda.

-Install Microsoft Silverlight if you don't have it already.

-Go to 'Day Two'.

-Locate the 'Robots and Beyond See What You Can Do Today' session by Paul Foster.

-Click on 'Play Video'. I also found I had to click pause and then play before it would start.

-Fast forward to 14.55 where the 914 makes an appearance.

The whole of the presentation is quite interesting for those who wish to use the MRDS services that have just been released for the 914.

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