The Ultimate Science Faire of the Wild and Whacky - Maker Faire
Saturday, 24 May 2008

Richard Lepack, the President of White Box Robotics sent me his report from this year's Maker Faire. Rich Writes:

During the weekend of May 3-4 I attended Maker Faire (www.makerfaire.com) in San Mateo, California, where an estimated 65,000 attendees of all ages came to see the most varied exhibition I've personally ever seen.

While having breakfast at the hotel on the first morning, I saw a specimen of a man I'd never seen in a hotel environment before. He would have been better suited in a Bruce Willis or Denzel Washington movie. He was dressed in black boots up to his knees, black trench coat, leather gloves up to his elbows and cut off at the fingers. Dark maroon vest with chains, bald and ears pierced half a dozen times. He was a Maker! Once I got to Maker Faire, he fitted right in!

That's what people who build the weird, whacky and sometimes totally useless, but totally cool stuff are called at this show. Makers! On a few occasions I had people ask me, "Are you a Maker?". Hmmm. I guess so, I responded.

This was really a personally interesting show. I saw a personal back mounted jet pack and simulator, PC Case mod that was a beaver, an R2-D2 replica about 31/2 feet tall, a solar powered electric tricycle, fire breathing mechatronic robots, just to name a few things. Just take at look at the video on the maker faire web above and you'll get the idea.

White Box Robotics was in the Microsoft booth showing the 914 PC Bot and how Makers can use the .NET Framework. The reception was very good. It's interesting how some people immediately think of half a dozen potential uses for it.

If you are ever in San Mateo or Austin during Maker Faire, be sure not to miss it!

There are many sources of news around the Internet about Maker Faire, but be sure to check out this one over at ExtremeTech featuring the 914. Also, check out this video - The Best of Maker Faire:

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