Monday, 14 January 2008

ActiveFace is a piece of software that may interest some of you who are programming your 914 in Visual Studio .NET

From the ActiveFace website: "ActiveFace biometric solution automatically captures faces in the viewing area of a camera and finds a match in less than 500ms even with low quality web cams. This makes it an outstanding and affordable choice compared to other biometric solutions."

Although not free, ActiveFace is rather cheaper than other commercial solutions. There is a compiled demo application that you can download and use to test the functionality with, although the main intention of ActiveFace is that it should be used as an add-in to Visual Studio .NET - in a similar way to the 914 .NET controls. This means that you can easily add face recognition to your .NET project, which should be able to identify individuals as they enter the room.

I've tried out the demo application with reasonable success using two people, a plastic Star Wars Stormtrooper toy, and the dog as test subjects. ActiveFace of course requires training to learn the individuals that it is to recognise, but this only takes a couple of minutes - taking repeated samples as you move around in front of the camera.

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