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Promote Your School, College or University
Friday, 12 October 2007

If you would like to promote your school, college or university, then send me some info about how you are using your 914.

I've added a new module to the right hand side of the site to display links from specific educational establishments that have sent in content, this can be found just under the current survey.

As content is submitted I will add the school, college, or university's logo to the list which will always link directly to the project. The project will of course get it's fair share of front page fame, and also be archived in the Research and Education section.

There are many educational establishments that have 914's, so write in and let everyone know what you are doing!. Even if you don't have a specific project that you are working on, you can always send in some pictures and a brief description of what you do with your 914. Let me know if you are a student, a teacher/lecturer or a researcher too.

I have around three more features from universities and colleges which will probably appear next week, but there are probably many more to come.

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