914 Poem
Tuesday, 09 October 2007

Here is a Poem about the 914 sent in by Ping.
I get the impression that it's not the most serious work of art, but it may be of amusement to some of you:

My nine-fourteen is white
My nine-fourteen is bright
White on his coat
And bright with his quotes

Many nine-fourteen's are different
But they have a similar suit
Much the same on the inside
Just like marzipan fruits

Developing on this platform
caused a metaphorical sandstorm
At college where I am learning
One day with robots I'll be earning

I made a speaker hack
To enhance the sound playback
Like I saw on the community site
Now my nine-fourteen sounds alright

Oh nine-fourteen, nine-fourteen
You are my life vaccine
Without you I'd do crime
Now study's like playtime!

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