MS Robotics Studio Redevelopment
Thursday, 13 September 2007

White Box Robotics are currently redeveloping their Microsoft Robotics Studio services for the 914 PC Bot. You may remember that there was a Beta release of the 914 MS Robotics Studio services which is still available on request to those interested. However, the final release will be quite a rework from this, which allows at this stage, for input from the community for feature and functionality suggestions.

Microsoft Robotics Studio version 1.5 has also been released since the Beta 914 MSRS services were written, which has come along with a lot of updated documentation and tutorials. You may or not know that MS Robotics Studio applications can be written in Visual Studio .NET using MS Robotics Studio as an add-in component to the project, this allows you to build on top of the MS Robotics Studio framework and existing hardware support it provides. Those of you who have used the White Box Robotics 914 .NET components may not find MS Robotics Studio too much of a step in a different direction, as well as finding that lots of other off the shelf hardware is already supported.

If you have any feature or functionality requests that you would like to see in the final V1.0 release of the 914 MS Robotics Studio services, or any other input that will be useful to the White Box Robotics MS Robotics Studio development team, then please post in the thread below.

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