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RoboRealm Visual Anchor
Tuesday, 14 August 2007

ImageRoboRealm has another great new module which is of specific use the 914 owners. The Visual Anchor module provides data that would allow a Bot to navigate to a specific location within it's field of view until the camera image matches the given target. I guess this could be used for homing in on a charging dock or other item, you could also detect if the Bot is moving when it should be - or if the wheels are slipping. From the RoboRealm website:

"In RoboRealm's continued investigation of image stabilization the Visual Anchor module has been added. This module allows a robot to know how far it has moved with regards to a known scene. This module uses a technique classified under Visual Odometry. Visual Odometry uses vision to calculate how far you have travelled instead of using encoders. This has the advantage of being more accurate in situations where wheel slippage is expected (such as travelling on the sandy Martian surface!)."

Don't forget, RoboRealm is FREE to download for a fully functioning version with no limitations.

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