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K9 Java Control Project
Friday, 27 July 2007

ImageThis is an enthusiast software project that has been submitted by Billy G Moon.

Billy is working on a very interesting Java based 914 control application which he has named K9. This software communicates directly with the 914's M3 controller without using the .NET controls, MS Robotics Studio, Player, or any other existing framework. Billy has made the following downloads available to the community:

K9.zip (388Kb) The complete package containing everything (you can unzip the K9.jar file to get the source and docs)

K9_archive.zip (148Kb) The source and documentation on their own, as well as the compiled Java Classes.

Billy has provided lots of information on the application's usage, options and functionality. I've put all of that into a document which you can download here: K9info.pdf

The only issue I had when running it myself, was that I couldn't get the k9.exe file to work for some reason. However, if you go to a command prompt and run: "java -jar k9.jar" (with no quote marks) then it will work - which Billy tells me is all the k9.exe file does anyway.

I understand that Billy will provide future versions shortly, so watch out for further updates.

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