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Animatronic Heads
Friday, 06 July 2007
ImageI saw this article over at Techblog about robotic cats. The first video of the Yellow iCat is worth watching - it uses a mechanical face to convey various emotions with different expressions which is, in part, something similar to what I was hoping to achieve with my 'face pulling man' and a small VGA display on my 914.

The 914 has quite a lot of it's own personality and good looks, so although I had planned to hack one of those animatronic chimpanzee heads and stick it on top, it seems a shame to draw the attention away from the look and feel of the 914 itself. On the other hand there are various other mechanical heads and faces out there to buy if you wanted to try this type of robot-human interaction. Perhaps something in plain white would be a more suitable match, or even something simple you can paint up yourself...?

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