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Sounds for your 914
Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Recently I have been getting stuck into the 914 .NET components that are available from White Box Robotics. I've found that it's pretty easy to do almost anything with .NET, including sockets/IP communications, speech, and playing sounds.

One thing that I really want to focus on when considering software for my 914, is it's personality. This will mainly come through the things it says and the sounds it makes, although I'm considering some lighting to set moods also. At this stage I've been thinking again about how R2D2's personality in conveyed entirely through sound, so getting some good sounds for different things is quite important. I previously wrote about  Syd Synth which I will likely use to generate a lot of sounds using it's simple click and drag interface.

I've posted a couple of sounds here (86Kb) and here (343Kb) from Syd so you can get an idea of what's possible. I also found that using Microsoft SAPI, I can easily generate speech at the same time sounds are playing which could create some interesting possibilities.

For those who want to emulate R2D2 itself, I found a complete library of R2D2 sounds in .wav format over at Astromech.net - the official R2D2 builder site. There are over 100 R2D2 sounds in the top download link on that page.

I also found that there are many other free sounds out on the Internet that could be used for a robot, lots of mechanical and early computer sounds, as well as general everyday sounds that could be used for some sort of children's interactive game for instance. Check out PacDV, FreeSoundFiles, and StoneWashed - which links to many many other download sites.

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