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Monday, 18 June 2007

I've talked a lot about my own news and views relating to White Box Robotics and the 914 PC Bot. This is a community site, so as well as forum posts I'd like to publish content written by community members. It could be a project you have built, or maybe just your experience and aspirations for yourself and your 914.

Of course we have the Wiki and the Image gallery that anyone can contribute to, check out the FAQ section for details. Even if you are not a 914 owner, I would still like to hear about anything you are doing, or have heard about that is relevant to PC based robots - maybe an article you have read or an event that you have been to. Our weekly comic strip is written and illustrated by a PC Bot enthusiast, so feel free to submit anything, no mater how diverse - perhaps you wrote music or painted a picture about PC Bots...

So let me have your news 'n' views! - and I'll give you a share of front page fame, just send me a message or email me with the relevant info. Feel free to add any relevant photos to the image gallery, or just include them on an email or in a document in a format I can read, such as PDF, Word, or HTML etc. If you have your own web site or blog, I’d be happy to link to your article there.

And lastly, a big thank you to those who have already submitted projects or other content – that’s really what makes a community a community!

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