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Robots Becoming Part of the Family
Wednesday, 13 June 2007
Robots.net are reporting on a story in LiveScience about robots becoming part of the family. Mainly this is about how family pets, as well as humans, relate to things like their Roomba  - the cat sitting next to it to keep it company as if it were another animal for instance.

It struck me that although technologies such as speech recognition have come a long way in recent years, there still aren't that many people who speak to their desktop PCs - mainly because you feel stupid and it's quicker to type. However, plenty of people speak to their cats an dogs, so therefore it makes sense that people will feel ok speaking to a mobile robot.

It also struck me that most people I know of who own a 914 have named it. Mine is called Morris, and yes - that's one of my dogs sat on top of it. Most have human sounding names, the only exception that I know of being A1-DW, although I wanted to name our second dog 'Dog Version2.0', but I wasn't allowed to.

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