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914 Telepresence Project
Monday, 28 May 2007

This is another project from James - 914pcbots.com Admin.

I built this project as a prototype for another 914 PC Bot owner. The requirements were essentially to allow telepresence using the 914 - to virtually go to another physical place, to see what the robot sees while moving the robot around remotely.

In order to create the best experience, it was decided that the operator of the equipment should be able to look around by moving their head, and have a pan/tilt camera mechanism follow their movements at the remote location - they would wear a 'virtual reality' style head mounted display to see the video feed and drive the robot around using a joystick. The experience would be similar to really being there, driving around in an electric buggy, and looking around as you go. Therefore, as well as a pan/tilt camera mechanism, a head tracker device also had to be constructed:

Both the operator and robot end of the equipment are linked via TCP/IP, so this allows it to work over the internet or any corporate/home network, the only limiting factors really being bandwidth for the video stream and general network latency to between Bot and operator.

There are many detailed pictures in the image gallery of the equipment and some construction pictures too. I have also made a short film of the equipment in action which is on YouTube:

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