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Buffalo AirStation
Thursday, 24 May 2007

I previously showed you a Netgear game adapter that I installed in my 914 to give rock solid wireless connectivity regardless of operating system. I had planned to build a small network on-board the Bot to allow other devices to be connected such as IP web cams. However, I found that the Netgear WGE111 only allows one device to be connected at a time - it filters on MAC address so if you connect two devices together with a hub/switch it drops wireless connectivity all together.

I have now found a more suitable product which is intended to connect multiple wired devices to a wireless network, it even has a 4-port network switch built into it. The device is a Buffalo AirStation, and it actually came in cheaper than the single device game adapter - just over half price in fact.

It's a little larger than the Netgear adapter - mainly so the network ports fit on the back, it seems to be just as reliable as the Netgear adapter and still runs from a single 5 volt power supply so it can be powered from a standard PC drive bay connecter.

Now I can plug in the mini-itx on-board network interface, an IP web cam and two other devices, perhaps even a few IP web cams looking in different directions, or even a secondary nano or pico-itx board for some dedicated processing - without each device having it's own wireless adapter.

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