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914 Utility Bracket
Thursday, 10 May 2007

This is a project from James - the 914pcbots.com Admin.

I decided that it would be quite handy to have some sort of utility bracket or tray mounted above my 914's head. This would mean it could carry objects, or allow extra hardware to be mounted, such as further camera or sensors assemblies - possibly to mount an arm project at some point.

I didn't really want to damage the 914 skins or cut the chassis if I could help it so I wanted something that would fit around the existing chassis and head plastics.

Click on the pics below for bigger versions or check them all out in the image gallery.


I found these short table legs in my local hardware store which had screw on plastic feet. Each foot is held on with an 8mm bolt.

I cut a short piece of 8mm threaded rod so that the foot-end of the legs could be screwed to each other. This creates the main part of the bracket.

A piece of HDPE has been used which has nuts pressed into it for the bracket to screw onto. This piece screws onto the existing head plate mounting screw holes of the chassis with long M4 bolts to save drilling any new holes.

The bracket screws onto the nuts which are now on the reverse side, this puts it in a position to poke out through the 'decorative grille' hole in the back of the 914's head.
I have mounted a round stainless-steel drinks tray on the bracket for now, although I have some other projects planned to take advantage of the bracket that are coming shortly. At least now my 914 can serve drinks at parties.

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