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IDE Disk Caddy
Thursday, 26 April 2007

'Enthusiast project' by James - 914pcbots.com Admin.

I discussed this in the forums recently, so I thought I'd show off hardware. It's not that special but some of you might like the idea, also it's another standard PC accessory you can plug into your 914.

Since I'm using Player on my 914 for my PPCBPAIFP project, but I also want to boot to Windows sometimes too, I decided to put in a swappable disk caddy to make it easy to completely change the hard disk. It's quite handy because you could put any old disk in for testing and development, while keeping a live disk with a configuration on that you know always works. You can easily try out different operating systems and configurations without trashing your single disk, or attempting to multi-boot several operating systems off one disk.

There are some more pictures in the image gallery, but the concept is quite simple - basically the disk goes in a tray with a handle on that you just pull out (when the Bot is off) and swap for another. Note that the caddy I've used is IDE (PATA) rather than SATA, my existing disk was PATA anyway, although SATA caddies are available.

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