Monday, 23 April 2007
This is an enthusiast project from me, James - the Admin at 914pcbots.com. It is called the Python PC Bot Pseudo AI Framework Project, otherwise know as PPCBPAIFP. I was going to give it a catchy name but I decided not to make it too easy to remember.

I have written up most of my initial ideas in the wiki on the PPCBPAIFP page. Essentially this is not a serious AI research project, but since I intend to work through various applications and frameworks that support the 914 PC Bot, I thought I might as well have a crack at programming something interesting at the same time.

I'm using Python because it's easy mainly. It will also be easier for other people who may not be expert programmers to understand what's going on, so I'm hoping that the results may be of some use so someone, at least as example code to use with Player/Stage and other related products. I will update the wiki and the thread linked below as I progress. Feel free to pass any comments...

This article will remain in the Enthusiast Projects section for future reference.

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