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Tuesday, 27 March 2007
ImageThere has been a large amount of interest in the 914 PC Bot's uses in the fields of research and education.

Recently we saw Mike Peasgood's Multi Phase Multi Robot Motion planning project at the University of Waterloo using three 9 Series PC Bots and the Player/Stage project for multi-robot path planning. Apparently there are a relatively large amount of similar research projects that are using the 914 along with some serious research discussions that have occurred in the forums.

Therefore, I have created a new Research and Education forum section for specifically related discussion. There is also a new main menu item of the same name where articles on this topic will be archived. I've moved the 'AI Zone' forum into the new section along with a section for related article discussion, as well as a general forum for discussion on this subject.

If anyone has any requirements or suggestions for more specific forums within this new forum section then please let me know and I'll get them created. Similarly, if anyone has any articles they've spotted, or even written themselves that are related to the 914 and research or education then send me the details and I'll give you your share of front page fame.

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