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Electronic Design 914 review
Thursday, 22 March 2007
Image"Serious robotocists will want to check out White Box Robotics' PC-BOT. This is a professional mobile platform: expandable, with the horsepower to handle add-ons. It is also something that has a presence, compared to the smaller Lego Mindstorms or iRobot Create. At 21 in. and 55 pounds (24 kg), the PC-BOT is a formidable robot in the pattern of Star Wars' R2-D2" - writes William Wong in an extensive review of the White Box Robotics 914 PC Bot as part of his 'Real Robots' series in Electronic Design..

You can check out the full article here which includes extensive pictures and William's views on the 914 having given it a good testing, it's hands-on uses and potential future. This is a really good article to read for anyone thinking about purchasing a 9 Series PC Bot from White Box Robotics.

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