914 Eye Mod
Tuesday, 13 March 2007
Marc Miller has submitted this enthusiast project which is a modification to the 914's eye, this is normally a blue light that is mounted below the webcam.

Marc has added a Microchip PIC controller and a three element highbright LED so that each LED can be controlled by a PWM signal to adjust it's brightness. The end effect is that the colors can be mixed together for a variety of results.

Marc says: "The current interface uses 2 discrete lines from the M3 to the PIC. I use those lines as a clock and data line. Then I just clock in the new RGB values to the PIC and it will read the data and adjust the PWM rates".

Click on the picture to the left to see some more pictures of the mod in the image gallery, including a video of the eye changing color.

This article will remain in the Enthusiast Projects section for future reference.

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