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PlayerStage installation
Monday, 20 November 2006
Image I am pleased to announce our first tutorial entitled 'Ubuntu Player/Stage Installation Guide". This has been kindly written by Paul Rocco at White Box Robotics specifically for the 914 PC Bot. The guide details every step of the installation and configuration all the way from downloading and installing Ubuntu on the 914, recompiling the Kernel, installing Player/Stage and making the Bot do something.

The guide comes in both PDF and ODT (open office) format:

PDF: UbuntuPlayerstageInstallationGuide.pdf

ODT: UbuntuPlayerstageInstallationGuide.odt

You will also require this text file - patch4.txt, which is referenced half way through the document.

Have fun with it and please post any comments or feedback in the thread linked below. This article will remain in the 'Tutorials / How-to' section for future reference, which is accessible from the main menu.

***Updated 29th Nov '06***

Paul Rocco has provided a further patch for the installation with a description as follows:

"This patch fixes problems with the communications to the M3 controller for retrieving analog and digital input. This should speed up access to the sensors by getting rid of the comm timeouts. Also corrects a problem that crashes player when run as root when a subscription to the wbr914 driver occurs.

You still need the first patch and it must be installed BEFORE this one. Together they will greatly improve the performance of the PC-BOT under Player." The file is this text file - wbr914p6.patch.

There is a second patch for some odometry changes which yous should apply, it is this text file - wbr914p7.patch.

***Updated 1st Feb '07***

The full current version of the 914 Player/Stage guide and downloads can be found on the WBR Support Page. Please refer to this version for the current documentation. WBR have also provided pre built kernel packages to install.

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