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Sunday, 29 October 2006
ImageI have created two new forums entitled 'Hardware Problem Support' and Software Problem Support'. These are located under the respective '914 PC Bot Hardware' and '914 PC Bot Software' sections in the forums.

Please use these sections for actual problems or suspected faults only. The easy rule to follow is that if something isn't working as documented, then this is the place to post it. Please use the other forum sections for general discussion on PC Bot usage, development and general enquiries.

Also, please remember that although Whitebox and Frontline people often post here, these forums are community driven. If you have a problem like, for instance, your PC Bot arrived but it had been squashed by the courier, there is probably no point raising the issues for support here... you'd be better off contacting Frontline directly to resolve the issue.

Please remember that there is a separate section for 'Enthusiast Projects' where you can discuss ideas and ask for advice on PC Bot development, we also have a Wiki which anyone can contribute issues and workarounds to as well as general information.

This article will remain in the FAQ section for future reference.

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