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Enthusiast Projects section
Sunday, 24 September 2006
Image A new section of the site has been created for enthusiast projects, this is open for anyone to contribute to and is accessible through the main menu on the left. Each project will be posted to the front page of 914pcbots.com, it will then become archived in the 'Enthusiast Projects' section for easy browsing. There will also be a link at the end of each project for community members to discuss it in the forums in the same way as any other news.

The 9 Series PC Bot is very much intended as a development platform, so let's see what you're doing with your Bot. Anyone who's created any sort of customisation, hack, hombrew hardware, software etc and wants to show it off can do it here.

To get your project posted you must do the follwing:

-Post any related pictures in the Gallery. A picture speaks a thousand words so if you've built something then it's good to let everyone see.

-Write down the text for the project write up that describes what you did, indicate within the text where the pictures that you uploaded to the gallery should be inserted and include their filenames to identify them.

-Email me the write up text in a format that I can read such as doc, pdf, a simple text file, or just text in an email. I'll then post it on 914pcbots.com.

-If your project includes software source that you want to share, then put everything into a zip file and email that too. Obviously you can share as much or as little as you like about the project so you don't have to share your code if you don't want to.

-You may also submit a PDF of the whole project which I will upload in full and link to, or you can just send all the pics and text to me in a zip file and I'll put the article together for posting.

All contributors will be credited for their work by name, but I may make minor edits to the write up if I really feel the need to. Please include links to where you bought any items you used, as well as any other interesting information such as how much your project cost, how long it took etc.

This article will remain in the site FAQ for future reference.

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