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Monday, 18 September 2006
ImageA new Wiki system is now available to hold collaborative information about the White Box Robotics 9 Series PC Bot hardware, software and everything!. It can be accessed from the 'Wiki' link on the main menu at the left.

As of writing this article, which will remain in the site FAQ, the Wiki has just sarted out with a high level structure and some modest information. Thus far it has been prepared by Ernie Daniels (Edaniels) and Marc Miller (Marcus8675).

There are a few rules to keep us all happy and prevent spam which are similar to the image gallery rules:

-Additions and changes to the Wiki may only be carried out by registered users, independant user accounts are required which are separate from the rest of the site.

-You can sign up by going to the Wiki, clicking 'log in' and then clicking 'register'. An automatically generated password will be emailed to you which you may change once you have logged in.

-Please use the same username and email as your registered account for the rest of the site. Any random ones will be queried and may be deleted.

-Obviously spam etc will be deleted. We'll be keeping a very close eye on the Wiki and banning anyone who posts offensive comments etc.

-Try to keep it on topic, this is a Wiki for the 9 Series PC Bot only, we still have the forums for general chit-chat. The aim of this Wiki is to answer the general 'what is a PC Bot' question, provide technical details to prospective purchasers and development details to existing owners.

-Anyone who can add useful information of any sort, with a well-reasoned opinion etc, is welcome to contribute.

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