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Friday, 01 September 2006
ImageI've finally got a decent image gallery up for people here to post pictures of their bots now the product is flying. It can be accessed from the 'Gallery' menu option on the main menu.

There are a few rules which are needed to prevent spam, as a picture speaks a thousand words, and we could do without *that* sort of spam. The rules are as follows:

-All accounts will be approved by me before they are activated. This is to prevent automated sign-ups, but in itself this doesn't stop people playing shenanigans. So, you must be someone that is a member of the main community here at 914pcbots.com having made several posts. If you are a brand new member you probably won't get access to post in the gallery straight away, unless I can verify that you have ordered a bot from WBR/FLR. You can always contact me through the contact form if there are any issues.

-Pictures must be related to robots, or at least to a discussion that's going on somewhere here, so no holiday, 'stag do' or 'funny' photos please, unless, of course your bot is in the picture ;-)

-All photos that are posted will be publicly viewable by default, although there is an option to change this to registered users only on each sub-album if you wish.

-Please don't post copyrighted material, anything offensive and other obvious bad things. I will ban you if you do.

-IMPORTANT: The gallery is a seperate system to the rest of the site but when you sign up you will need to use the same user name as you have in the main forums and register with the same email address. After I have approved the account an email link will be sent to verify you are the owner of the email account. This is to prevent people singing up with someone else's name.

Go to the '@' sign on the gallery menu to register an account and to log in once you have one. Once you have registered and been approved you will be able to:

-Create multiple sub-albums under your 'own name' named album, in the 'user galleries' category.

-Upload pictures and videos with a limit of 1MB each and a total quota for each user of 10MB (for now). Obviously you will be able to upload more pictures if they are of a smaller file size - I can assist if you're unsure how to shrink them.

-Comment on other people's pictures and vote for them too.

-IMPORTANT: When you have logged in for the first time, you must create at least one sub-album to put pictures in, otherwise you won't be able to upload anything. Use the '@' sign on the gallery menu to access the upload option.

This article will remain in the FAQ section for reference. There is now a support forum for gallery questions in the main forums, it is also linked at the bottom of this article.

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