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What is your location?
Sunday, 13 August 2006
I have now ended the old poll, 'I will use the following software on my PC bot', and the results are as follows. Pretty much as I had expected I guess, although of course you can always use multiple oeprating systems and software by dual/triple booting:


You can now find a new poll on the right hand side of the page entitled 'What is your location?'. As far as we know the current biggest area of interest for the PC Bot is the US followed by the UK and this is also reflected in the webstats for this site.

Please vote even if you haven't pre ordered so we can get an idea for where our readers are from. Sorry if I didn't include your country but I only get 12 options max for polls. If I've missed anywhere specific or you don't fit into one of the categories then feel free to post it in the thread linked below.

We had 14000 visitors in total to this site last month so hopefuly we can get some large numbers in the poll.

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