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25 years of the IBM PC
Friday, 11 August 2006
Image "Computer firm IBM made technological history on 12 August 1981 with the announcement of a personal computer - the IBM 5150..." the BBC is reporting today.

There are many articles in the press today, but many of them make the same points about the impact the IBM PC has had:

-Defining a global/common standard.
-A revolution in home computing as it was affordable to 'normal people'.
-The development process used 'off the shelf' parts.
-Open architechture so that others could make accessories, hardware and software.

Reading through these articles, it seems that there are obviously many comparisons to be made with the PC Bot. Not only does it build on and extend the existing PC standards, but it alows for further development from third parties to make hardware and software accessories. Already we have seen Microsoft providing software support for robots in a similar way that they produced the first software for the IBM PC.

Personally, I think the PC Bot will have a faster take up in relevant industries than the original IBM PC did. Mainly this is due to the fact that other technology exists now that can be used in conjunction with robots in general that didn't exist 25 years ago. The internet is a huge one, but as well as that, the 'normal' people are now used to using PC technology and other consumer electronics such as mp3 players and cell phones. On top of this we now have an established open source community which will drive development, rather than relying on purely commercial companies for extra features and functionality.

Will we see similar articles about the PC Bot in 25 years?

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